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Revolog Film Has Won My Heart

It’s official: I am full-on in love with Revolog’s line of hand-crafted 35mm film. A couple of weeks ago I posted a review for Revolog’s Texture film, my introduction to their line of color-washed and textured film. I’ve since ordered two varieties, Rasp and Volvox, and run them through my Olympus XA4. My pictures were everything I hoped they’d be and more.



Rasp film has little scratches all over it. I don’t know what sort of instrument is used to scratch the film but it must be some sort of tiny, fine-pointed, Barbie-sized steak knife. The effect is very nice and not too overwhelming.

It doesn’t appear that Rasp’s characteristic scratches are enhanced by more light, in fact, I’m not really sure what enhances them. Reviewing my pictures, it seems the scratches stand out more in a solid background. Light or dark, I’m not sure the color really matters. Then again, maybe the depth of the scratches on the film is the x-factor. I’ll have to conduct more experiments to say for sure.

Volvox’s green circles turn your photos into crazy, dotted fun. I really liked the resulting dots on my Volvox roll as the orbs were multi-sized, asymmetrical, transparent and totally unpredictable.

I love how the orb effects range from bubbly to smudgy. This is a very fun film!

Revolog’s films aren’t for everyday use, but given the right situation the scratches and dots can add a little extra pop to your analogue art. I’m thinking of using Volvox to capture all the Halloween weirdness in my house. Those green dots look a lot like ghostly orbs and the ghoulish green color will look cool and creepy!

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