Who the heck is Jenni?

An analogue girl in a digital world is the short answer to your question.

I live on the East Coast in a dinky little state in a house that’s a mile or two from the Atlantic Ocean. I have two college degrees–one in music performance the other in nursing–and my strange and various careers include music director of a new age/”light jazz” (there’s really no such thing) radio station, on-air announcer of the same station with my own morning show, on-air announcer at an NPR station working the afternoon drive-time shift, recording engineer, medical assistant in an OB-GYN office, RN in the Pediatric ICU, Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore and most recently an ICU and PACU RN here in my hometown. My photography career started way back in middle school. I won second place in the Maryland Film Festival in 6th grade for a black & white picture that I developed and printed myself. I went through a digital phase and honestly, when taking pictures of my kids I tend to use it but otherwise, I love the toy and digital cameras that I collect (the cheaper the better) as a sort of rebellion against the big, fat digital SLR that I wanted but couldn’t afford. I develop my own black and white film in my garage, get most things printed from Shutterfly or MPix and I don’t own Photoshop because the whole point is to create a photo on film, not on the computer.

My recent acquisition of an iPhone has opened up an entirely different realm of lo-fideltiy photography. Because it’s less than five megapixels, and offers no control over, well, anything really, I consider it one of my lo-fi photography tools. When I use Hipstamatic I have to wait 30 seconds or more before viewing the picture. That means I’d better get it right the first time. Sounds kind of like film, don’t you think? Don’t be fooled by the hype. The iPhone is a Lo-Fi camera with 21st century technology.

I have three amazing children and a wonderful husband who is tolerant of my habit. He’s just thrilled I’m doing things ‘on the cheap’. If and when I get free time you’ll catch me at the beach surfing or trying to run without shoes on (I’m aiming for 10K). I also still perfom my music occassionally.

I love stupid t-shirts but most of all I really love beer and I mean REALLY. I not only consider myself a techno-geek but a beer geek as well.

Here’s my dinky little resume. It may be small but it is proud.

2007 – Chestertown Art League Thrid Place Digital (I know!! Before I came over to the Dark Side) Photography

2010 – CD artwork for the indie band Coolfield

Short-listed for the Eye’em  award for Mobile Photography. My picture ‘Flooded’ was on exhibit in Berlin, Germany and printed in the Eye’em publication “This Is Art”

November 19, 2010 iphoneart.com Artists of the Day

2011 – Chosen for the Hipstamatics exhibit at London’s Orange Dot Gallery. My photo ‘Strolling Through the Sand’ on display.


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