Celebrating all day today….St. Patrick’s Day

I love St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the only day of the year devoted almost entirely to drinking. I’m not a lush, but I do love good beer and today, everyone else pretends they like it, too. It’s like National Beer Day. Another reason I’m celebrating today is that my parents are visiting and they’re bringing me the spoils from a few flea market trips. They wintered in Ft. Meyers, FL and are bringing me a Yashica 635 and Konica 35mm SLR. I’m SO excited to try the Yashica and will probably load it up with film and take pictures of the daffodils, clover and weeds that are now populating my front yard. Here are some joyous, celebratory pictures that I took in January with my Fuji Natura Classica. One of my BFF’s, Loretta, and her husband Brad watched an important American Football playoff game at our house and our team won! Also on that roll of Fuji 800 speed film were pictures taken on a recent trip to Washington DC. We visited the International Spy Museum and ate in Chinatown. There was a sign stating “No Photography Allowed” at the entrance of the museum, but since it was one of the first times I had my Natura Classica with me, I decided to flaunt their rules. I didn’t get busted….hehehehe.

They’re not the best pictures (clearly, I need more practice taking pictures covertly) but I had fun doing it. Here’s some better shots of Chinatown.

We didn’t eat at this place, but with a name like New Big Wong, we might have try it

This is where we ate. You could watch them make noodles amongst the duck carcasses. Pretty cool.

More DC, but not in Chinatown

This would’ve been a great shot if it hadn’t been for that pesky camera strap.

Tonight we’ll be going out to celebrate and hear some great local music. I’ll be documenting it all on my iPhone and I hope to have pictures that I can share with you next week. I’m hoping not to drop my iPhone in beer tonight. Wish me luck with that!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, or should I say, National Beer Day!


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2 responses to “Celebrating all day today….St. Patrick’s Day

  • Justin Smith

    There is actually a National Beer Day here in the US – April 7th

    There are a lot of unofficial random beer drinking holidays in the US.

    New Beer’s Eve – April 6th
    National Beer Day – April 7th
    National Homebrew Day – First Saturday in May
    American Craft Beer Week – Starts on the 3rd Monday in May and goes for a week
    International Beer Day – Aug. 5th
    National Beer Lover’s Day – Sept. 7th
    National Drink a Beer Day – Sept. 28th
    American Beer Day – Oct. 27th

    National Beer Day (April 7th) is the only with with a historically significant date.

    April 7th is National Beer Day here in the US. In 1933 during the prohibition era, the Cullen-Harrison Act was signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt on March 23rd. That law was enacted on April 7th allowing the brewing and sale of beer in the United States again as long as it was < 3.2% (4% ABV). It's said that people waited in line overnight on April 6th outside Milwaukee breweries in order to legally buy beer for the first time in over 13 years. As a result, April 7th is known as National Beer Day and April 6th is called New Beers Eve.

    National Beer Days around the world –

    March 1st – Iceland
    April 6th – England
    April 7th – USA
    April 23rd – Germany


  • ipdegirl

    Justin…that is FANTASTIC! I had no idea so many days were devoted to one of my favorite beverages. I’m sharing this info with all my beer-loving friends 🙂

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