2011 World Toy Camera Day

World Toy Camera Day is always a fantastically fun day for me. Not only is it a great excuse to use any of my cameras, but it’s also the same day as the party of the year in my neck of the woods. My great friends hold their annual Lakeview Invitational Lawn Tractor Race, which is a little poke at the culture in our area, mixed with Halloween costumes and the biggest drinking game on wheels (don’t worry, we only stick to the lawn).

Riders are in teams of two and must be in costume. First person chugs a twelve ounce beverage of their choice, then does one lap around the house. When they get to pit row, the second rider chugs a beverage and hops on until each rider has completed three laps. So that the chugging is the element of speed (so to speak), there is a qualifying round in which the judges take your tractor for one lap to determine your start time, which is staggered so the slowest riders go first. After the race, there’s a wicked Cornhole tournament, then a poker game.

This year’s winners, The Flintstones, with the coveted trophy

The Ref and Fred

I was the Queen of the Tractor Races

Flo the Progressive Car Insurance lady and the Utz Girl

My daughter Phoebe on our borrowed sweet ride

My other daughter Zoe as a Dead Lalaloopsie Doll—she always dresses as something dead

Gorton’s Fisherman and Jolly Green Giant discuss the details

Sarah and Zoe

Favorite shot of the day—Flashing the woods

My husband Jake, dressed as the “One Percent” who’s rich in the USA

Phoebe’s Glamour Pirate Shot

Assessing the Cornhole bracket

Cornhole overlapping shot

All shots were taken with my Holga on Fuji slide film that was cross-processed.

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