The Only ‘Play!’ Book You’ll Ever Need

Looking for something to give the analogue film photographer in your life for, or maybe just a little treat for yourself? Check out Play!, a new book recently assembled by Composing With Images Press (CWIP) of photos made using toy, lo-fi and handmade cameras. It contains images from around the world that evoke playful thoughts and smiles and more importantly, 100% of the proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to benefit children in areas ravaged by tornadoes in 2011.

The call went out this summer for images that “explore, complicate, and represent in compelling ways the concept of Play.  These might include, but are certainly not limited to, photographs that deal with imaginary play, word play, adult play, children’s play, animal play, games, or the various kinds of materials and/or spaces associated with play. Similarly, photographs might represent play from the perspective of a child’s imagination, or from a toy’s perspective, or they might take up questions about what it means to play or explore the matter of who is allowed (or disallowed) to play”. Artists from 63 countries answered the call and along with their photos, each wrote a short essay on how their photos reflected the theme of the book. Edited by Jody Shipka and Nic Nichols, the book is getting some fabulous reviews from those in the toy camera community. Here are just a few of their thoughts:

“Play! is a fabulous book . . . the images really blew me away. The artists and the editor have created Play! with the best of intentions and it reminds us all to remember what’s truly important in this world: film. Play! makes me excited about toy cameras again.”
Amanda Moore, Juror, The Holga Show 2008

“Play! is reminiscent of childhood, full of blurred moments. Toy cameras lend themselves so well to these youthful subjects. They’re long ago memories of times & places we hold dear. Play! takes you right back, but in a dream.”
Steph Parke (, former Editor, Light Leaks Magazine

“Play! is an amazingly diverse collection of photos by very talented photographers.. By using toy cameras, the photographers convey the memory and dream of play that lives inside all of us.”
Mark Olwick (, acclaimed Holga photographer

You can buy play on Blurb.

I am proud to say that I am a part of this wonderful project and will have these two photos printed in the book. I took them with my cheap $5 underwater Snap Sights camera.

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