November 2010 Art of Waiting Reveal

In truly random fashion, here are the images from my Art of Waiting roll of film from November 2010. It was Election Day here in the US, November 2, and after performing my civic duty and voting in my local election I decided to get some pictures of all the goings-on with my Brownie Hawkeye. So, loaded with Ilford HP 5+ film (my favorite 120mm black and white film) I drove to a couple of my local polling sites and discreetly captured these images.

I took my Brownie with me inside the voting booth and held it up as high as my arm could reach.

Take yourself back to last November. Here in the US, the Republican party was trying very hard to unseat many of the incumbent Democrats. It was an ugly campaign season full of such elementary-school-style tactics as name-calling, lying and whining.

Here in Delaware the hot race was between Christine O’Donnell, who was a Republican Tea Party supporter. The big story of the election was the revelation that sometime in the not-so-distant-past, she hung out with Wiccans, which for someone running an extremely conservative and Christian-based campaign was pretty much the nail in the coffin of her chances of winning. She ran ads where she looked straight into the camera proclaiming, “I’m not a witch….I’m you”. You can’t make this stuff up!

Chris Coons was O’Donnell’s opponent and the eventual winner of the election


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