Leaky Brownies

I don’t use my Brownie Hawkeye enough and a roll of film I recently scanned is proof of that. It gives me the coolest light leaks when I take long-exposure shots. This is my favorite shot from a roll of Fuji slide film that I exposed in Cape May, NJ and on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. I don’t know what the little granules are on the right side of the picture but they create some really interesting shadows in that light leak.

Here’s another one that I really like because the numbers on the film paper are very faintly exposed on the right side of the shot (I’m noticing a pattern here…maybe the right side of the camera is leaky).

Another long exposure shot didn’t turn out so well. This was a kiddie ride in motion. I was hoping to get some blurring from the swings but that didn’t happen.

My Brownie Hawkeye is also fun to use because it usually sparks a conversation between me and someone who remembers it fondly from their youth. I love hearing those stories.

Inadvertently, I got a great double exposure.

Here’s a spidery-looking ride at Playland.

Finally, a shot of me and my husband Jake in the mirror of the vintage photo booth on the boardwalk. We were waiting for our black and white pictures to develop 🙂

My next project with the Brownie will be long exposure shots only on both slide and negative color film. It will be interesting to see what I might get.

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