How to Display Vintage Photo Booth Pictures

Photo booth pictures are quirky and spontaneous. I drag my kids to one of the two local vintage photo booths in my town frequently with only one rule: You have to be goofy! Over the years I’ve collected lots of strips, which can be found on our corkboard, tucked in between magazines and even used as bookmarks.

The time had come to consolidate them into one place before they got lost so, taking my life into my hands, I searched through our very full garage for an old frame and found a long forgotten, oddly sized collage of frames that turned out to be the perfect place to display my pictures.

This project doesn’t require much; an Exacto knife, paper to use as background, self-adhesive photo corners, a ruler and the photos. I picked a frame, in this case the 7 x 5 inch frame oriented horizontally.

After deciding which photos would fit best I picked out the background paper.

Using the frame back, I cut the paper to size with the Exacto knife. For this frame I’d need two pieces of paper and to make it a little more interesting, I made a little checkerboard pattern. I’m using some old card stock as my background but you could use virtually anything. Just make sure it doesn’t compete too much with your pictures.

Arrange your pictures first then, using the photo corners, affix them to the paper.

You can see that after I got going, I realized my original design would not fit very well so I eliminated two of the pictures.

That’s it! Here’s my finished product.

I used a little different arrangement with each frame.

And this is what it looks like hanging on the wall. It’s much nicer than the corkboard and puts our crazy memories front and center in the living room. The variations on this project are truly endless!

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