February 2010 Art of Waiting Reveal

Weather is a huge force on our lives. When it’s sunny out, we often feel happier and more energetic. Gloomy days make us feel sad, slow and flat. It is in the spirit of weather as a barometer for our emotions (pun intended) that I reveal February’s 2010 Art of Waiting pictures.

The weather in my area has been turbulent the past few years. We’ve had a handful of major snowstorms, a couple of very dry summers and last month, a hurricane and a tornado. The late summer months of this year have been wet and humid. Walk outside and you feel like you’ve stepped into a shower. But is it really that bad? Aside from driving the mold spores into super-revved-up reproduction mode (and making my throat feel like its on fire) it could be a hell of a lot worse. For example, the unprecedented snowfall of February 2010 known as ‘Snowpocalypse’. I’ll take rainy, humid weather any day over snow. Here’s a few reminders of how bad it was

I wanted to cry just like my son, but I didn’t even though the snow was piled so high on our road that we couldn’t get our low-riding Saturn out of the driveway for two weeks

But that didn’t stop us from venturing out into the arctic wonderland to take a walk.

this is my favorite shot

We also got to play in the snow. Delaware is a notoriously flat state so the snow drifts that resulted from this blizzard gave my kids the opportunity to sled, if only for a few feet.

Because we were relatively shut-in for the better part of 10 days, we had some lovely family bonding time.

After looking at that snowy mess I’m starting to feel just a wee bit better about 1,000% humidity and constantly grey skies and rain, aren’t you?

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