Toy Cameras Get Special Powers with Revolog Texture Film

What do rusty pipes, peeling and blistering paint and scratched metal all have in common? They’re subjects I love to photograph because of their texture. If you are also a texture freak, you’ll love the Revolog line of films, created by Michael Krebs and Hanna Pribitzer.

Their website describes their unique films as follows:

“Revolog produces special effect films for analog photographic cameras. Every film is handmade. Currently Revolog sells eight different effect films, but is planning to ongoingly enlarge their stock.The films are sold through the webshop and can be exposed and developed as usual.”

Effects like bubbles, floating green dots; scratches, lightning bursts, lasers and crazy color washes provide an added layer of texture to your pictures. Because they are made by hand, film effects are totally random so, are you going to get a lightning bolt through the middle of your subject’s head or will it be in the sky where it belongs?

Since it isn’t slide film, Revolog can be developed at your local one-hour photo-processing place. I gave my friendly photo technician a heads up before he developed the first roll of film because I didn’t want him to think he’d messed it up. He thought it was one of the neatest things he’d ever seen.

My best results with Texture have come when the film is not overexposed. I achieved maximum bubble-tude in the areas of my pictures that were darker, as you can see from these examples.

It would also be a great film to use in a full-frame exposure camera, like the Sprocket Rocket or the Spinner 360 because the texture is everywhere, not just confined to the frame. I haven’t tried the film in any of these cameras yet, but here’s what Texture looks like fully exposed

The first rolls of Revolog were only 12 exposures but since they have found a new film distributor Rasp, Volvox, Lazer, 460nm, 600nm and Kolor films will be available in 36 exposure rolls through their webshop.

I’ve shot two rolls of Texture film (iso 200) and I can safely say that I’m hooked. I love that Krebs and Pribitzer are flying in the face of megapixels and creating new film for us analogue aficionados. You can never have enough light leak or texture going on in your photos. Can you imagine using one of these fantastic films in a leaky camera? It would be pure abstract genuis. In my opinion, Revolog can increase your toy camera’s power by giving you MORE unpredictability, color and texture. What’s not to love?


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