Butchers Don’t Always Cut Meat

I used to get all my C41 film developed at my local drugstore. I loved it. They charged me $3 for the developing, did EXACTLY what I wanted and they even admired some of my shots. When I got some Revolog film developed last year the photo tech thought it was one of the coolest things he’d seen.

Earlier this year that store was swallowed up by a giant national retailer and given a big, fancy-pants new store just across the street from the old location. Normally that would be pretty cool but their new location a) makes an already lousy traffic intersection into a game of chicken with cement mixers and giant pick-up trucks and b) got rid of their film developing equipment. Now, film is sent out and apparently the people who develop the pictures are either illiterate or don’t like to follow directions.

I was a little hesitant to have my film sent out, especially because I specified that I didn’t want my negatives cut. The rolls in question were from my Spinner 360 and as you know, the panoramas would be destroyed if they were cut in the usual fashion. I should’ve listened to my gut because not only were my negatives sliced, they also gave me prints of the pictures. What a disaster. I’m not sure a human being ever laid a hand on my film or my pictures. To add insult to injury, instead of only being $3 a roll it was $10! Grrrrrrr.

I wasn’t going to scan these shots at all but after simmering down, I decided it was time. A couple of the pictures were completely unmolested but the rest have ugly white lines where the negative was butchered. Lesson learned: I will only send my film to people I know and trust.

4th of July

Don’t know why I’m giving the world the finger here

Lewes Graveyard

The beach featuring my head–cut down the middle

Would’ve been a lot nicer without that damn SLICE in the middle of the ocean!

I really like this one (one of the few pics that remained intact)

Fishing with Grandad

Lewes Canal–I think I need to work on my Spinner technique. My finger is in the shot an awful lot.

Contorting to try to get out of the shot, maybe? But my sunglasses are awesome.

Bikes on the dock

a funny little fragment

The beach with–you guessed it–my head sliced down the middle….again

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