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By the time you read this I will be stuffed in an SUV in need of a strong cup of coffee with three wired children and a husband determined to reach our destination in record time. Yes, it is time for the annual family vacation up north, which means there will be no post next week but this week, I leave you with a hodge-podge of information to ponder.

If you haven’t discovered the Indonesian on-line magazine Crazy Toy Camera you should check out their latest issue. Put together by some Indonesian toy camera lovers, this bi-monthly features great articles and photos from not only South East Asia, but around the world. The current Issue #8 features my thoughts on light leaks as well as a really nice article of Andrew Kua, my internet buddy from Even cooler than his interview is the comprehensive shot of his toy camera collection—impressive! Klastic, the Indonesian Toy Camera Resources Group of which Crazy Toy Camera is a part of, ran a really nice interview of me a few weeks ago. I love groups like Klastic that reach out across the oceans. It really makes the world feel a little cozier and nicer.

I couldn’t take it. The hype and the glossy pictures were too much. I finally broke down and got myself a La Sardina Marathon last week and it’s gorgeous!

I’m just finishing the first roll and will be bringing a few more with me on vacation. I’m hoping to publish a proper review of this little beauty in the next few weeks. I really like the weight and feel of it….not too cheap or flimsy….and LOVE that it has a bulb setting and the ability to create multiple exposures without rewinding the film. The proof will be in the pictures.

Finally, I had to share a couple of bizarre sign photos with you. I was in the pet supply store yesterday when I rounded the corner on what must have been the animal-parts-turned-chew-toy aisle. This is what I saw…

WTF? Does that mean you can bend your knee alllll the way around and complete a 360?

What makes these knuckles so special that they get their own proper name and jewelry?

The whole thing is really kind of gross—dead animal bits as dog toys—but I suppose it’s eco-friendly and better than one more plastic squeaky toy clogging up the environment.

See you in two weeks!


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