Gotta Get Organi-zized

My official 6 weeks of doing nothing more strenuous than walking has officially begun. I’m recovering from surgery (that will remain unnamed) and I have strict orders to be good and sit still until the middle of September. It’s not too hard yet because there’s still some pain, but next week or the week after are going to be torturous.

I’m going to devote much of my time off to organizing all my photos and I’m not looking forward to it. I’ve downloaded Apple’s Aperture 3 software to help me out. It’s the first, real, grown-up photo editing software I’ve used in years. Normally, a tweak here or there in iPhoto is just fine but for my organizing purposes, I think I need a little more. Plus, I’ve gotten a few photo jobs lately that require professional skills with my DSLR. I feel like a traitor to my analogue self because I’m tweaking some of the photos I took using pre-set adjustments for vintage looks. The one good thing is that it’s BORING as all hell sitting in front of the computer and tweaking and editing for hours at a time.

So here’s to time off to heal, organize and contemplate. I’ll leave you with a cool iPhone photo I took in a restaurant this week.

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