iPhone Honors and Experiments

I’ve had a fun week or two with my iPhone. First, and most exciting, I won honorable mention in the 5th Annual iPhone Photography Awards! Check out their site for some fabulous iPhone photos and enter the 2012 competition. Here’s my winning shot

Pretty nifty, even if there’s no fame, glory or money that comes from it. It’s nice just to be recognized and know that other people think my work is cool, too.

All the new Hipstamatic lenses and films that have been coming out lately have had me shooting with my iPhone non-stop. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of their abilities, but here are some favorites from the last few weeks of experimentation:

Lens: Roboto Glitter       Film: Big Up

Lens: Tejas     Film: BlacKeys B+W

Lens: Hornbecker     Film: BlacKeys SuperGrain

Lens: Hornbecker     Film: Cano Cafenol

Lens: Tejas    Film: Blanko

I’ve also been goofing around with my plastic loupe and making some abstract macro iPhone shots. Here’s some of my favorites from that session:

Lens: Tejas     Film: Cano Cafenol

This one’s probably my favorite from the macro sessions

Lens: Tejas    Film: Ina’s 1969

Lens: Tejas     Film: Cano Cafenol

Clearly Tejas is one of my favorite Hipsta lenses. I hadn’t played around much with Cano Cafenol until this session but I really like it and understand a bit more how I can use it. I’m also really loving the Hornbecker lens and can see that it’s going to be in heavy rotation on my Hipsta Cam.

One more thing. I’m going to have some down time coming up at the end of the month and have decided to dedicate it to cataloguing and categorizing my photos. Right now I just burn them to CDs but I think a proper organizing system is in order. Could anyone recommend a good program for cataloguing a massive amount of stuff? I’d love to hear how you have your pictures categorized.


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