Slide Film Wars

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about or reviewed new film but while scanning my latest vacation pictures, I made an interesting observation worth blogging about.

I love slide film because of it’s saturated colors and cross-processing ability. The only type I’m really partial to is Fuji Velvia because it’s so much fun to cross process and see the world through rose-colored glasses

For negative color film Fuji is by far my preferred film as well. I love Porta and the rich, but not too saturated, natural tones is gives. Plus, there’s a nice greenish/bluish tone to it that I prefer over Kodak’s orangish/reddish cast.

Here are some good Portra examples

I’ve realized, however, that I now have a NEW preferred slide film and that is Agfa CT Presica. While scanning my shots the difference between Fuji and Agfa was very clear. The blues were bluer, reds were truer and the overall color a much more accurate representation of what I actually saw with my eyes.

This is Fuji

This is Agfa

You can really see the difference. Now, was my Fuji film expired? Possibly. I don’t even keep track of that stuff. But the camera was the same and the lighting was comparable. Here’s another example

Fuji Film


Those last two are among my favorite images from the trip and, again, were taken with the same camera (Vivitar UWS). The lighting was more harsh in the palm tree shot since I was looking up but I think the difference is still pretty clear.

The great debate over which film is best will certainly continue. I’m going to get some Agfa and Fuji (unexpired) and put them through some tests in the coming month. Hopefully the results will yield a clear winner…we’ll see!

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