Waiting Is Over

Many of you will recall I have been involved in The Art of Waiting (AOW) project put together by my unconventional photo friend dirklancer AKA Jeff. The year came and went, I became a better writer and met some really fun and creative people through the magic of the Internet, but, what about those pictures?

Quite frankly, I had forgotten about them. It’s hard to believe, I know, but life got the best of my time, and my years’ worth of AOW pictures lay undeveloped. Until now.

I got January’s roll back a few weeks ago. Because I keep a photography diary (which I highly recommend), I was able to go back and see what I was thinking when I shot the roll. In my diary I record the date, camera and film I used. I also make any notes about weather conditions or other important events that may come in handy to remember at a later date. Since my brain is full of holes, it comes in quite handy.

As I flipped back to January of 2010 I noted that I used my Holga with Fuji slide film. The theme for this month’s roll was “Things Worth Waiting For”…

We’ll start with a bench. At the beach on a busy summer day, it’s definitely worth waiting for.

A big, fat sale at your favorite store!!

It is MUCH better to wait for a tattoo than to go in stumbling drunk and wind up with a Disney character on your ass for the rest of your life.

Snow Day home from school…worth waiting for. Little did I know this winter and the following one would bring record snowfall to my little neck of the woods.

Going to the library and finding the book you’ve been looking for instead of buying said book? Worth it.

Buying local, fresh produce from your local farmers….worth waiting for. You can eat strawberries that have been shipped from across the country in the middle of winter but they don’t taste half as good as the ones you pick yourself in late spring.

Empty seats…most definitely worth waiting for. When you finally sit down it feels so good.

Another beautiful snowy scene. Crisp, bright post-snowstorm mornings are great things when they happen. Again, I had no idea I’d get PLENTY of chances to take shots like this in the coming year. Just wait for February’s AOW roll.


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