36 frames in 12 hours

Back in March my friend Andrew of fuzzyeyeballs threw out a challenge: shoot 36 frames of film in 12 hours (from 9 am to 9 pm) and give us an idea of what you do all day long. That particular day was cold and gloomy here in my part of the world so I was stuck inside all day. My roll turned out terribly: everything was hideously underexposed, so much so that my local drugstore didn’t even charge me for processing. However, I did learn a lot about my newest antique camera, the Canon AT-1, that particular day so the exercise wasn’t entirely futile.

Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one with technical difficulties that day. A second day of shooting 36 frames in 12 hours was set for April 23rd and this time, I got a great roll since I was on vacation in sunny Florida! It was a fun experiment (that drove my husband a little mad) and had me keeping my eyes open for a shot constantly. My camera of choice was my ever-trusty Smena 8. The more I use that camera the more I love it. It’s range of film speeds and apertures made it the perfect camera for such a wide span of time as I was able to get shots from the bright, sunny morning to the fireworks show that night.

April 23rd was the day we arrived at Disney World. We had just spent a day and a half with family in eastern Florida and the kids slept most of the ride to Orlando

Finally, we unpacked and began finding our way around the Polynesian, the place we’d call home for the next five days.

Cool double exposure shot of the porch

The monorail would shuttle us to most of the parks. If you’ve ever seen The Simpson’s episode featuring the Monorail Song, you’ll know why I couldn’t say the word monorail without thinking of the chanting citizens of Springfield. That day we decided to tackle Epcot so we hopped aboard and began our adventure.

As we walked around and visited each nation we saw….

Dinner that night was in Norway, land of the Vikings

A parade of princesses visited our table, which was very amusing to the four older members of the family as Elias, our 5 year-old son, got kisses on the cheek from each one. He was loving the ladies and joined the parade at the end of the meal which, if you’ve ever been to Disney, is something that occurs with alarming and irritating frequency as you’re trying to leave the restaurant.

Phoebe decided to give the giant Royal Chair a go in this picture…

Right after dinner we rode “Test Track” a zooming car ride in which you accelerate to 60mph. It was fun, even for our ride-shy little guy. While we were waiting I got some shots of the test track dummies that dotted the area

We headed back to the international area and enjoyed the sites at night

Then, I tried to catch some of the fireworks on film, but this was as good as it got

Exhausted and ready for bed, we all headed back to our room at the Polynesian.

36 in 12 was a fun project! Thanks to Andrew for suggesting the idea.


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