Florida Big and Wide

Before going on any trip the big question is which cameras and films to pack. Sometimes just getting out the door can take an extra 10 minutes as you mull over which tools are the right ones for the job. This was the dilemma I faced as we left for our trip to Florida. Do I bring a Polaroid, Holga, Diana, Vivitar UWS, Action Sampler…..you get the picture. I decided to throw a few small cameras in the bag, thinking I wouldn’t want to be carrying anything too heavy or bulky, so I took my Smena 8, Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (UWS), Holga and my fabulous cardboard pinhole creation. It turned out to be the right combination!

I would HIGHLY recommend taking the Vivitar UWS (or any camera that has the ability to catch wide shots) if you’re planning on going someplace larger-than-life, like Disney World. I got some GREAT shots! The only drawback is the fact that you must use the camera in bright sunlight however, our week was filled with PLENTY of sunny, beautiful days. Here are some of my favorites so far…

Not really sure what happened in this picture or the next one, but I like the swirly effects!

Another great reason to bring an ultra light, ultra wide camera with you? It’s very easy to use on roller coasters!! I got this shot of my family while riding Thunder Mountain. It’s a little under exposed but I still like it.

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