Pimp My Camera

Finally–I’m back from a much-needed vacation to Florida. We went to worship at the Mouse House (otherwise known as Disney World), visited Harry Potter at Universal Studios and got to hang out with family. Pictures from all the fun are in the process of being developed so for now, I’ll share with you some of my new and improved cameras.

One of my favorite photo buddies Jeff (check out his blog) sent me and a few other ‘unconventional friends’ a crazy pinhole camera kit in honor of World Pinhole Camera Day, which was April 24th. It really was a crazy kit. The wording of some of the directions seemed as though the were poorly translated from some arcane language. Have you ever heard of a mountain fold? A valley fold? How about a trapezium? Yeah, me neither. On the front of the instructions it says the kit is for ages 6+ and requires adult supervision. It SHOULD say it will take 6+ hours and require 2 adult brains.

This is a picture of my whacked-out camera upon completion of assembly. It states that all you need is some glue to hold this thing together but I’ve taken a picture of everything I used to make sure it wouldn’t fall apart. In addition to glue I used some crazy colored duct tape which I cut with the box cutter, plus clips and magnets to hold bits and pieces together while the glue was drying.

Here’s how the process went….

I held little parts down with these clips and worked on other areas while it was drying. For some pieces the clips didn’t work so well so I used some magnets from a long-forgotten science project. They worked like a charm.

After I’d gotten the body together I realized the glue wasn’t going to cut the mustard. That’s when the crazy-colored duct tape came into play.

I saw this stuff at my local office supply store and had been looking for an excuse to use it.

Once most of the major parts were together it was a matter of putting them all together with some flair. Orange tie-dye and zebra stripes seemed like the appropriate combination for my new pinhole camera.

And the finished product, minus a few little bits that wouldn’t stay on with neither tape nor glue, was fabulous!

So, what to do with all that left over duct tape? Why, pimp out another camera, of course! I got this Holga on super-sale when one of my favorite local camera shops had to close its doors (very sad) so I gave it the striped treatment.

It was by far the best looking camera in Florida.


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2 responses to “Pimp My Camera

  • dotism

    I received one of those paper pinhole cameras as a birthday present a few years ago… I, too, spent an exasperating collection of hours assembling the friend only to have it completely fall apart in my bag when I took it out for fun in the sun. Silly little thing… yet a delightful idea on paper.

    Perhaps you will experience better luck than I, in which case I look forward to any results you capture!

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