What’s up in Lo-fi land?

Here’s some news and upcoming projects I’m working on

My internet-photo friend Nic Nichols from The Four Corners Store will be taking over toycamera.com. Go, Nic! Can’t wait to see what he does with the site.

Just visited a few local breweries today and shot a roll of B&W film using my Brownie Hawkeye. Should be fun. In the meantime, here are some Hipstamatic shots from the day:

We visited Evolution Brewery in Delmar, DE and Dogfish Head in Milton, DE, two of our favorite local craft beer purveyors. We had some tasty samples of old favorites and yummy seasonal brews, and chatted with other beer lovers. I struck up a conversation with two fellows at Dogfish Head when they saw my Brownie. One of those guys had a very fancy, pro-model Nikon D300 with 28-200mm lens. It was quite a sight to see the Bakelight Brownie beside the high-tech Nikon. Both guys were surprised you could still get 120mm film and equally impressed the I develop my own B&W in my garage.

My 36 frames in 12 hours roll came our incredibly underexposed, but I’m going to scan them this week and my fine photo friend Ndroo, who’s coordinating the world-wide project, will be compiling the images on his website Fuzzyeyeballs.

FlickrFitzy from the UK is starting up a new iPhoneography website, in which I will be an occasional contributor. The site is still in the Beta testing mode but as soon as it goes live, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, check out her flickr stream. She’s creating some beautiful iPhone images.

Until next week…..

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