Anika and the Photo Swap

This week I’d like to introduce you to somebody.

Anika Toro is a fellow artist that I found on Etsy. To call her simply a photographer would be too confining as many of her works combine photography and other artistic mediums. Her Etsy shop is Anika Toro Mixed Media and Art. Here’s how she describes her work…

“Much of my artwork is inspired by my everyday surroundings. Photography is my passion but I like to combine photography with different mediums- Paint, three-dimensional details, embroidery, collage… “

We met through the Female Photographers of Etsy group during a photo swap. I sent her two of my photos and she sent me two in return. This is one of two I received from her ‘Phases of the Moon’ series. It’s called Phase 19.

These images are  fantastic in their simplicity. We all know how crazy I am about texture and these photos have it. The dark part of the moon is digitally painted, not smooth and glassy like watercolors would be, but rough with brush strokes visible and color gradients from gray to inky black. The white part of the picture has also been digitally painted but very subtly. I love my new abstracts.

Go to Anika’s Flickr stream and check out her Memories Series for some colorful and textural abstracts. Stitches in the Sky contains some minimalist, contemporary graphic designs. Anika is also a mobile phone photographer and hosts a link up on her blog, Pasando. Every Tuesday through Friday join in the fun by posting some of your best mobile phone shots.

She really embodies everything that I love about the digital photography community: willingness to share her art, offering creative opportunities and being open and receptive to new ideas. And she does all this with fellow artists that she’s never met before! I love that.

Her ability to combine mediums makes for some very cool pieces. Check out these fun 3-D cards, available in her Etsy Shop.

In addition to her Etsy shop, Anika’s artwork is now being sold in Rala, a beautiful shop located in downtown Knoxville, TN.

Anika is also a member of the Artist’s Collaborative Laboratory, a blog dedicated to inspiring and creating new works based on monthly themes. It’s a nifty place to visit and I may even get off my duff and create something to submit. Check it out!

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One response to “Anika and the Photo Swap

  • Anika

    Jenni, this is one of the nicest things anyone has said about me and my art…you really did catch what I try to convey, thank you so so much for making my week! I had a great time with our swap and look forward to working with you more! Collaborating should be fun, it really is a great way to be inspired!
    Thanks so much, this is awesome!

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