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Dirty, Muddy Fun

Didn’t take many pictures this week but I did accomplish a goal today. I finished the DE Downstate Dirty Dozen Mud Run, a 4.8 mile run filled with 12 muddy obstacles. It was fantastic! I wanted to take my $5.00 underwater film camera along for the trip (and I could have gotten some very interesting shots) but the day was overcast. Those little cameras need a lot of light (I think they’re aperture is somewhere around f/22) so I didn’t even waste the film trying. There was also a little Vivitar 5 MP digital camera that a friend loaned me. It has it’s own waterproof case and is designed for taking pictures underwater–which turned out to be the monkey wrench in the plans. The flash was so intense (even after adjusting the strength) that I couldn’t take a decent picture without blowing everything out. Thank goodness for friends at the event who had their cell phones! I also took a few shots pre and post race with my iPhone and Hipstamatic:

I guess the enormous mud pit wasn’t watery or muddy enough because the local VFD was still filling it before racetime. You can see how chilly and windy it was by looking at the lady in the foreground.

Rich, one of my team mates, pretending to warm-up

My husband Jake, the other part of our three-person team named “Will Run For Beer”

Me and my son’s froggy hat. It kept me toasty through the race. We’re now pre-gaming with sissy beer.

Our friend (and Rich’s girlfriend) Melissa, handing out some oranges

At the end of the race with our fancy medals. We finished! Woo-hoo!

I also goofed around with Hipstamatic and Pic Grunger this week. Here are some of my favorite results of that session,

I hadn’t messed around with Pic Grunger in awhile so I was happy to find they’d added some textural backgrounds to their menu in addition to the grungy foreground effects. This is using the wrinkly background. I love how it looks like an old, stained picture.

I liked the gum ball machine at the mall. I took a close-up shot of it using the SXSW lens and Berry Pop flash, then applied various Pic Grunger effects.
Here’s another shot using the burlap background.

Last but not least, the sign on these strollers really made me scratch my head. I guess some people really are that dumb. It sure made for a funny picture!

That’s it from Lo-Fi land this week!

What’s up in Lo-fi land?

Here’s some news and upcoming projects I’m working on

My internet-photo friend Nic Nichols from The Four Corners Store will be taking over Go, Nic! Can’t wait to see what he does with the site.

Just visited a few local breweries today and shot a roll of B&W film using my Brownie Hawkeye. Should be fun. In the meantime, here are some Hipstamatic shots from the day:

We visited Evolution Brewery in Delmar, DE and Dogfish Head in Milton, DE, two of our favorite local craft beer purveyors. We had some tasty samples of old favorites and yummy seasonal brews, and chatted with other beer lovers. I struck up a conversation with two fellows at Dogfish Head when they saw my Brownie. One of those guys had a very fancy, pro-model Nikon D300 with 28-200mm lens. It was quite a sight to see the Bakelight Brownie beside the high-tech Nikon. Both guys were surprised you could still get 120mm film and equally impressed the I develop my own B&W in my garage.

My 36 frames in 12 hours roll came our incredibly underexposed, but I’m going to scan them this week and my fine photo friend Ndroo, who’s coordinating the world-wide project, will be compiling the images on his website Fuzzyeyeballs.

FlickrFitzy from the UK is starting up a new iPhoneography website, in which I will be an occasional contributor. The site is still in the Beta testing mode but as soon as it goes live, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, check out her flickr stream. She’s creating some beautiful iPhone images.

Until next week…..

Anika and the Photo Swap

This week I’d like to introduce you to somebody.

Anika Toro is a fellow artist that I found on Etsy. To call her simply a photographer would be too confining as many of her works combine photography and other artistic mediums. Her Etsy shop is Anika Toro Mixed Media and Art. Here’s how she describes her work…

“Much of my artwork is inspired by my everyday surroundings. Photography is my passion but I like to combine photography with different mediums- Paint, three-dimensional details, embroidery, collage… “

We met through the Female Photographers of Etsy group during a photo swap. I sent her two of my photos and she sent me two in return. This is one of two I received from her ‘Phases of the Moon’ series. It’s called Phase 19.

These images are  fantastic in their simplicity. We all know how crazy I am about texture and these photos have it. The dark part of the moon is digitally painted, not smooth and glassy like watercolors would be, but rough with brush strokes visible and color gradients from gray to inky black. The white part of the picture has also been digitally painted but very subtly. I love my new abstracts.

Go to Anika’s Flickr stream and check out her Memories Series for some colorful and textural abstracts. Stitches in the Sky contains some minimalist, contemporary graphic designs. Anika is also a mobile phone photographer and hosts a link up on her blog, Pasando. Every Tuesday through Friday join in the fun by posting some of your best mobile phone shots.

She really embodies everything that I love about the digital photography community: willingness to share her art, offering creative opportunities and being open and receptive to new ideas. And she does all this with fellow artists that she’s never met before! I love that.

Her ability to combine mediums makes for some very cool pieces. Check out these fun 3-D cards, available in her Etsy Shop.

In addition to her Etsy shop, Anika’s artwork is now being sold in Rala, a beautiful shop located in downtown Knoxville, TN.

Anika is also a member of the Artist’s Collaborative Laboratory, a blog dedicated to inspiring and creating new works based on monthly themes. It’s a nifty place to visit and I may even get off my duff and create something to submit. Check it out!

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