Holga Halos

Holy Holga Halos, Batman!

No, my camera hasn’t suddenly died. Those weird halos on my black and white snow storm pictures are the effect of my Holga Tele Lens. I’m not sure it was worth the $15.00, but I did get some interesting effects from it.

I was pretty excited about it when I first saw it. There are plenty of times when I’d like to get closer to my subject but not macro-lens close. I also really like the idea of being able to use a magnification lens for the Holga without all the measuring and preparing that goes into using my diopters.

Here are the stats:

Works with all types of Holga cameras (120 and 35mm series)
• Tele Lens zooms in 2.5x
• Includes a protective pouch, instruction manual, and lens cap

It’s pretty simple to use. Like any other Holga lens attachment just pop it on and start shooting. My first experience with Holga lens attachments was the fish eye lens. I used it twice and never achieved the cool, bendy fish-eye look to my shots, so it’s just collecting dust now. Maybe I got a dud? Who knows. I was hoping the tele lens would be different.

I was less than thrilled with the telephoto effect. It didn’t seem as if there was much magnification at all, however I do like the spacey selective focus look. It reminds me of a roll I shot with my Brownie camera’s lens flipped backwards. You get dreamy, fuzzy edges and a focus somewhere towards the middle of your subject. For that, I do like the tele lens. I’ll use it a few more times to make sure it’s not operator error, other than that, I’ll use it more the special effects it creates than anything else.


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