Unnecessary Roughness

My chemicals pulled a personal foul on me this weekend.

I was in the midst of developing my black and white rolls from the latest snowfall. The film was ready for the fixer when I realized, I’d forgotten to measure it out. It looked OK while it was pouring out of the bottle but after it settled out, I could see a layer of precipitate at the bottom of my container that looked like snow from a snow globe. Since it tested fine after the last time I used it, I decided to go ahead without making up a new batch. That’s where the rough part comes in.

After scanning my negatives I realized that the snow in my fixer had stuck to my negatives. Not all of them and not bad enough to wreck my images but you can see an extra layer of texture (that’s how I’m choosing to look at it) that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Considering that a lot of the pictures I was developing were taken of snowy winter scenes, it worked out pretty well and it reminded me that one of the beauties of film photography is the imperfections.

Most of the film I develop comes out imperfectly to say the least; droplet marks, streaking from squeezing too hard with rubber tongs, bent areas where I wrestled with the film a little too much when trying to spool it. These are all things that make a film photo truly one-of-a-kind. After reflecting on this ‘mistake’ for a day, I’m pretty pleased with the results. The fixer spots look like more snowfall. Like I said before, it’s another layer of texture and it’s pretty cool.

There’s a lot of dust on some of these pictures. I didn’t edit them yet so you can see where the fixer left it’s mark.

More about the halo-effect seen in some of these Holga shots at a later date.

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One response to “Unnecessary Roughness

  • F.W. Redelius

    Passing this along……….
    A buddy of mine uses one of these and has cut his drying time and dust spots down dramatically.
    IMG 203 film drier

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