Don’t Leave Home Without a Camera–EVER

We’ve all heard this advice, but how many of us follow it? You never know what you’re going to encounter in your daily travels because truth is always stranger than fiction.

Before I got my iPhone I occasionally  packed a Holga with me, but only when the potential was there for a cool photograph (trips to the beach, museums or a new town or city). Now that I have my iPhone it is the camera that is always with me and I do mean ALWAYS. The film cameras come along, too, but only when I know the light will be good because most of them have really small apertures and no bulb setting.

I find myself looking at the world differently when everything is a potential photograph. Things that would be considered boring or mundane before suddenly appear as incredible lines, bursts of color or textural elements that you just wish you could reach out and touch.

In addition to the abstract, I’m always on the lookout for the odd, absurd or hilarious parts of life. Nothing makes me happier than coming across something that makes me laugh out loud, like this shot, taken while waiting for my chiropractor to work her magic on my back. It made me think of all the slimy, spineless people you’ve ever run across in life. If you could just give them one of these, they’d be fixed (hopefully).

Then there are the moments in which you look up and realize how beautiful things are from below (that’s another blog discussion by itself). I love the chandeliers in the shop where I get my hair cut so, I snapped this shot (ha! no pun intended) the last time I got a haircut.

Some of my best artsy-fartsy shots have come from perfectly ordinary mornings in which I was just running errands and happened to come across something beautiful. My ‘Flooded’ picture is the best example of that. It won an award last year.

I came back with these lovely images after a morning trip to the post office with my son. It was foggy and became foggier as we reached the beach. Our spontaneous walk lasted a half hour and was magical.

On a warm early autumn evening, while driving to the soccer field to pick up my daughter, I had to stop the car and get these images of the lovely (and slightly enhanced) sunset. In real life, the colors were spectacular and I liked the way the Berry Pop flash (in Hipstamatic) saturated the blues and pinks. It’s a pretty accurate representation of the sunset as I saw it because the real-life sunset colors and shades popped in the same way these enhanced tones do.

You never know when you’re going to run across that award-winning scene or that snippet of life that makes you laugh out loud. If you don’t do it now, start making it a habit to carry a camera with you because (here comes another piece of advice I know you’ve heard a thousand times) the more pictures you take the better you’ll get. Don’t be afraid to stop and snap the picture, either. As I learned a few weeks ago there are always going to be folks who don’t like what you’re doing but that should be their problem, not yours.

Now, go and snap away!!

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