OK….Snow is Pretty

Winter sucks and it should be obliterated. You’d feel the same way if you were the kind of person who could put two pairs of wool socks on and STILL have cold feet.

I’m not kidding!

Last winter, when we were literally snowed in for two week, was pretty much my nightmare. This winter has been brutally cold with an impressive amount of snow thus far and it’s only January. Historically, we get slammed with snow in February or March (Snowpocalypse of 2010, anyone?).

When I awoke a couple of weeks ago to see more snow falling, I was less than thrilled but as a photographer, I decided to embrace the opportunity and get some shots of the pristine white stuff before the kids tore outside in all their hyperactive, destructive glory. I had my Holga and Mark II Savoy cameras with me, both were loaded with black and white film, and my iPhone.

As soon as the black and white film is developed, I’ll post those shots but for now, here are some surreal beauties captured using Hipstamatic.

These shots are with Melodie lens and BlacKeys Supergrain film

Snowy winter scenes were just made for classic black and white photography so I decided to stretch myself a little and go for some color. I really like these next shots, which were taken with the Bettie XL lens and Ina’s 1969 film, which produces a shockingly realistic vintage photo. They truly look like they came from 1969.


This one was with Melodie lens and DreamCanvas film and looks like a painting.

I mixed it up again with the Bettie XL lens (which I’m going to have to start using more often!) and BlacKeys Supergrain to get one of my favorite shots of the day. This combo produced a wonderful black and white that was dreamy and wispy, without being out of focus—a pretty cool dimension to the arsenal of lo-fi photography.

Near the back of our property is a stand of pine trees and birches. I love the texture of the peeling bark on the trunks of the birches and their stark, bare branches that stretched sideways in the gray sky were very architectural. When I looked up and saw the straight line of the trees soaring to the clouds it was an amazing and surprisingly beautiful sight. I never knew something that lovely and elegant had been planted a few hundred feet from my back door! I don’t think these pictures do the scene justice but they are lovely.

First, with the John S lens and Ina’s 1969 film–a classic combo and one of my go-to favorites.

Then, remembering the crazy burst of color that the Berry Pop flash can give an otherwise neutral-looking scene, I took these with the above film and lens combo. Kind of spooky and Halloween-y.


Finally, I switched the film to BlacKeys B+W film but kept John S and Berry Pop

I love how the BlacKeys gives just the slightest tint of color while remaining mostly black and white. It’s a beautiful film.

By this time I was starting to get really cold, the snow was beginning to pick up again and the iPhone was getting a little too damp. So it was inside to warm up with a steamy cup of joe. I’m convinced now that snow is beautiful….but I still don’t like winter!!

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