My Picture At An Exhibition

No I don’t have a passport and yes, I’ve been bumming that I can’t go to London to see my iPhone shot on display in the Hipstamatics Exhibit at the Orange Dot Gallery, but thanks to Jack Thomas I’ve been able to visit virtually.

Jack, from Hipstamatics sent each of us a whole slew of shots from the exhibit. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to see my cool black and white shot hanging on the wall! As cool as it is to see my shot, it’s been really fun seeing everyone else’s winning photos, too. My son Elias and I sat and viewed all the photos together. It was a great way to experience the Hipstamatics Exhibit. Here’s a selection of the shots he sent.

Look closely at the column on the right. In the second picture down, my black and white photo is the one all the way to the right on the top! It hangs over the reception desk, which you can see in the top photo. The whole exhibit is simple and beautiful. Again, a big thanks to Jack Thomas and his Hipstamatic friends for putting it all together and sharing the love.

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