Sold Two iPhone Photos on Etsy

Finally, I sold some photos on Etsy. They were two black and white iPhone photos I took during a foggy day in Rehoboth Beach.

I’m thrilled and really hope it’s the start of a little bit of income that will go to supporting my photography habit.

If you haven’t see it yet, come on over to


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7 responses to “Sold Two iPhone Photos on Etsy

  • Kim

    Great shots. I get a kick out selling a low tech image. Makes it hard for me to say I need more equipment though.

    • ipdegirl

      Very true, Kim. The look on people’s faces when I tell them I made an image with my iPhone or Holga or some other crazy camera is worth it! Funny what you say about equipment because I’ve tried to stop acquiring ‘new cameras’, my version of new equipment. It all gets very addictive! Thanks for stopping by.

  • F.W. Redelius

    congrats on the sales great way to start a New Year


  • chezkiri

    Congrats! My iPhone has become my go-to camera and getting used more than my SLR this past year. The apps are great for processing.

  • ipdegirl

    Thanks Fred & Chezkiri!
    @ Chezkiri – I hardly ever use my DSLR anymore. Not that I used it a lot to begin with, but it pretty much sits there and collects dust.

    @Fred – Yes it is a VERY fine way to start off 2011. I hope I can keep that momentum going!

  • Thomas Folke Andersen

    Just stumbled upon your blog today. Very nice work.

    I really like these two beautiful shots Jenni. I like them for their mood. Congratulations on the sales. Fingers crossed for lots more in 2011. Etsy is a great site!

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