Love Silver Shade UV+

Who else thinks it’s just wrong that my hunter green Polaroid One Step broke in the middle of Polaroid Week?

I was pretty upset. I do have an SX-70 as well but my 600 series was relegated to the parts pile after the velcro strap broke while I was taking it off the shelf. It crashed to the floor and a plastic bit flew away.

After purchasing 2 more 600 Series cameras (the Polaroid Spirit and another camera that was identical to my green one, except it’s blue) I was all set to try The Impossible Project’s latest version of Silver Shade instant film.

According to TIP’s website, PX 600 Silver Shade UV+ has a special UV coating to bring out the blacks and whites. Anyone who has used previous versions of Silver Shade knows it’s tendency to look more sepia-toned than black and white. I was THRILLED  with the results I achieved with this new instant film.

I took my Spirit 600 and a pack of this new UV+ film to my daughter’s soccer tournament in Pennsylvania. The weather there is a bit cooler than at home so unfortunately, my white Chuck Taylors were a poor footwear choice. Wandering out into the soccer fields I saw some nice, gnarly looking trees. With my slider set to the middle of the light/dark setting, these are the shots I got.

Not bad. The blacks are much nicer and the whites fall more in the tan/cream/antique white family than the tan one. The sun was brilliant, the weather crisp (around 55 degrees) and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I couldn’t figure out why I was still getting some light spots so I moved the slider all the way over to the dark side and got this



Beautiful, dark contrasty blacks and grays. White that is sepia-ish, but not brown (like in the previous incarnation of  Silver Shade). I also love how there is more definition to the subject in this black and white film. As with other TIP films, it performs randomly in cold weather and by randomly I mean awesomely-randomly! I love what happened to the background in these next two shots.


The cool-looking crackiness adds a little element of electricity to my shots of these power lines. Those random white circles in the middle of each shot? Those are from me holding the film too firmly while I was trying to shield it from the sun. I’m going to try not to do that in the future but it does get the creative thoughts flowing (manipulation, drawing, etc. like the good old Time Zero film of past).

Here are a few more from that pack of film.

The last shot was taken in dimmer light, thus the more brownish tones. No worries. It’s still fantastic.

This latest version of Silver Shade is fan-freakin’-tastic. The improvement in the lighter shades is noticeable. It’s not snow-white and that’s a good thing because I really love the yellowish tones and the authentic vintage look you can create with it.

Seriously, I need to buy, like, 1,000 more packs (So, Santa? If you’re out there? I’ve been pretty darn good this year–downright well-behaved. How about some TIP film in my stocking?)!!

I can’t WAIT to see how TIP improves on this version.


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