Grunge is Back

I found a really cool app for the iPhone called Pic Grunger. As you can probably guess from its name it grunge-ifies your iPhone shots but it goes way beyond making your photos look like they’re old. It makes them look like Pig Pen from the Peanuts gang has had your photo alternately in his wallet and his hot little hand continuously for the last 5 years. Imagine Pig Pen takes that photo and accidentally spills bleach on it, or scratches it as he accidentally grinds it beneath a dirty little high-top shoe while playing a game of baseball in the nastiest, dustiest sand lot you can conjure up. That gives you some idea of the magic Pic Grunger can work on your iPhone photo.

Let’s start at the beginning. Enter the program and choose your resolution. I love that it has this ability because sometimes I’m not looking to create something intended to be printed out. Sometimes I’m just goofing around or I want results fast. That’s when I’ll choose the low res option. The Pic Grunger folks even give the final dimensions for your pictures in low and high res and in iPhone 3, 3G and 4! Now that’s nice and very well thought out.

Next, you pick a picture that’s already on your camera and make the magic happen. Choose between



Bleech Spill








and Weathered


But wait, there’s more! Once you choose your effect, you can choose a style from Gig to After Hours. Nice how they keep the whole rock club theme going. Next, use the slider to increase or decrease the strength of your effects. From subtle and folky, to bold and in-your-face like death metal, it’s a nice way to customize your effects. Finally you can choose to add a border. It’s a nice, simple solid border that gives the picture a matted look, like you just picked it up off the floor, wiped away all the broken glass and popped the picture out a frame that was shattered after last night’s monumental party.

I’m giving two big thumbs-up to this app! Pic Grunger does one thing and it does it very well. The endless ways in which you can customize your textural effects will allow you to use this app for a variety of situations. For texture-junkies like myself, it’s a must-have. Just spend the $0.99 and get the full version. Really. You’re not that cheap, are you? Get it!

Last three shots used Hipstamatic and Pic Grunger apps

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