Pretty Cameras

I’ve been cleaning up my office today which is a stinkin’, hot mess. It’s just cluttered and dusty and BLECCCH! My camera parts are askew, film and empty reels here and there, nursing texts propping up random boxes and then there’s the odd and ends, like three random die, a set of George Bush playing cars (a political parody and very funny), a Miguel Tejada Bobblehead with only part of his bat and all kinds of shells.

It was clean up day and I was tired of not being able to find all my camera stuff. I got all my film together in some drawer organize thingy which was helpful as I was able to finally get a real idea of how much film I have (I need some 120 B&W in a big way). I also got rid of some boxes and finally, got that shelf hanging that fell off the wall after my last party. It was one of the shelves that holds my camera collection. I had the brilliant idea to mount it atop of a wooden cube shelf.

The day was complete after discovering where I finally put my family’s passport applications, finding a long lost pair of binoculars and getting rid of 2 old CPUs and defunct monitors. It was a very good day, indeed. Here’s my collection, minus a few Polaroids. I love it!!

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