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Eye’em Award–Short List for Me!

“You gotta play to win” is the motto of the lottery. Translated to the photography world, “you gotta enter to win”. There are lots of opportunities to enter photo contests, some good, some not-so-good for an analogue gal, but if the entry fee is low enough, I’ll usually have a go at it.

Enter the Eye’em Award for Mobile Photography. A few months ago I submitted three photos for the low, low price of NOTHING, and really kind of forgot about it. Imagine my shock and surprise when I open an e-mail from the Eye’em folks stating I’d been short-listed in the competition! Woo-hoo! That means out of 3,000+ submissions, they narrowed it down to my photo and 143 others. I was quite honored. I was in very good company and was really amazed at what kind of moments photographers are capturing on their mobile phone cameras.

I really didn’t think twice about my short-listed entry, seen here…

I was driving down a back  road at the beginning of the spring and came across this absolutely flooded lot. The first time I saw it I stopped the car and backed up. It was really stunning to see the reflection of the trees and this lonely old shack in the middle of a newly created body of water. I had my iPhone with me and quickly took about four pictures, fully intending on coming back with a toy camera. Well, life got in the way and the lake dried up before I could capture it on film but I’m mighty grateful to have gotten at least this shot of it.

I usually don’t even bother with big competitions because my work isn’t exactly mainstream.  I can truly say that it is an honor to be recognized, even on the ‘short list’. It’s little things like this that keep me inspired and hopeful that there’s people (other than the four or five of you who actually read my blog) that also appreciate the lo-fi style. Thanks!!

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