Brand-spankin’-new 620 film–found

I’m a DIY kind of gal, especially when it comes to cameras. I like to experiment and modify my cameras to suit my needs. Sometimes I’m able to fabricate some pretty cool things but other times I waste a lot of time and energy and usually injure my hands in the process. That’s when I decide to make a U-turn and go in another direction.

Experiment #1: I’ve spent quite a few hours trying to modify my Brownie Bull’s Eye camera to accommodate just ONE spool of 120 film. I used the Dremel tool to sand down bits of metal on the camera body and innards. Sparks and dust were flying and I scraped one of my fingers pretty badly. I was able to fit a full 120 reel on one side and a 620 reel in the take-up spot after all this surgery but my film was pulled so taut that the paper backing ripped.

Experiment #2: Recently I acquired a camera I’d been trying to find for about a year, the dinner-mint-green Mark II Savoy. It also takes 620 film and I tried in vain to fit 120 in it. Again, I used the empty 620 reel as a take up but even then, I could barely get the camera back on.  My husband ended up getting it all back together but the film wouldn’t advance more than a few inches. It’s finally becoming clear to me that some 620 cameras really will only take 620 film (I never said I caught on quickly).

Figuring I’m going to have to start a mass re-spooling of 120 onto 620 reels, I begin to search eBay for empty 620 reels and 620 film only to find them for sale at highway-robbery type prices. While I was searching I came across some brand new, unexpired 620 for sale. Too good to be true you say? Hardly.

Go to B&H and you’ll find a modest selection of the stuff, including some Fuji Velvia. Best of all, the prices are comparable to 120 so I’m thinking this is the end of re-spooling 120 film onto 620 reels for me. Thank you B&H Photo!

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8 responses to “Brand-spankin’-new 620 film–found

  • Carol Goodson

    Amazing! I once had a camera which took 620 film, but it was WAY long ago… I can’t believe you found some at any price.

  • dirklancer

    all the good stuff seems to be temporarily out of stock. 😛

  • tyler

    This place out of Portland, OR modifies 120 spools to fit in 620 cameras. They sell B&W and color. It is around $14.99 for 2 rolls. If you check out their website and then go to their ebay page. I have bought a few rolls from them on their ebay site and visited the store in Portland. Great service and I think you would like the prices of it as well.

  • charlie

    they still have 620 at that site, produced by Film for Classics — tri-x and some others — but for $12 and $14 roll for B/w? I can re-spool a roll in 5 minutes and save $9 of that, about — That’s $108 an hour to re-spool 12 rolls of film. Pretty good pay for easy work, and I have a large stock of 620 spools.

  • ipdegirl

    yes, if you have the 620 spools it’s a much better deal. i only had two of them—the ones that came with my cameras. now that i’ve purchased some 620 film and have some extra spools i’m going to start winding them up. it’s time consuming for me (three kids, job, dog) but worth it, i agree. it is nice to know that there’s an alternative out there and compared to the price of empty 620 spools on eBay, it’s cheaper PLUS you get fresh film + a spool.

  • looseleafstudio

    I just acquired an argoflex Seventy-five from a friend and found your blog while searching for 620 film. I basically came to all the same conclusions. Great post! Thanks for sharing the wisdom! =D

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