It’s Ansco, Daddy-Oh!

What did pre-fame-and-fortune-Elvis, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe use when they wanted to take panoramic shots? Why an Ansco Ready Flash, of course.

Unlike the Brownies floating around in the 1950’s the Ansco yields 6X9-sized photos, not 6X6. This makes for beautiful wide, expansive shots. It’s really as close as you can get to panoramic abilities in a film camera, short of the Horizon Perfekt. This compact little wonder is very simple yet quite sturdy. There’s no chance of the back flying off as it closes by inserting the top, or ‘guts’ of the camera into the bottom or ‘case’ of the camera. It’s also quite ergonomical. An added bonus, 120 film fits like a dream in this machine.

Let’s say Peggy Sue and Barbara Ann need some pictures full of light-leaks and vignetting for a mad modern art project. All they need is the Ansco. Every frame offers beautiful vignetting and on every roll, some unexpected and wild light-leaks. Those consistent leaks and purple streaks will make their beatnik art teacher swoon!

Described as the point-and-shoot of it’s day, you’d have been a lucky little sock-hopper to have the Ansco with you, even at night. As the name suggests, it’s ready for a flash unit so Marilyn, Elvis and James could take it to the Drive-In at night or document a drag race down main street in the middle of the night. When I bought mine it came with an excellent-looking round flash attached. If I could find the right flashbulbs and batteries I could probably still use it.

If you’re a lucky cat, you’ll be able to score an Ansco Ready Flash for 1950’s prices. They’re not very expensive, even on eBay, but they’re oh-so-worth-it! A camera that takes panoramic pictures AND costs less than a frosty malted milkshake? What’s not to love?

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3 responses to “It’s Ansco, Daddy-Oh!

  • Kirstin

    hi, nice post, your photos are beautiful!
    I just picked up one of these cameras in a charity shop and was wondering what kind of film would fit into it.
    you say 120? did you file this down, respool it onto 620 or did it automatically fit? I’ve read conflicting accounts – some say it won’t even fit filed down 120 film.
    look forward to hearing your advice!

    • ipdegirl

      Thanks Kirstin! Lucky you to find an Ansco. Good thing about them is that you can load 120 film right into it with no modifications to either film or camera–or at least that’s how mine functions. If you have problems, try using a 620 reel as the take-up spool or re-spool some 120 onto 620 reels. Hopefully you won’t have to do any of that. Have fun with your new toy!

  • Kirstin

    Thanks for getting back to me! I’ll grab some 120 and see how I get on.
    Cheers, k

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