Pink Velvia without Crossprocessing?

Yes, it is possible to get some of that crazy pinkish tinge to your Fuji Velvia shots WITHOUT crossprocessing. Let me explain.

As Fuji Velvia is my favorite color slide film I picked it to use when experimenting with my pinhole Diana F+. I chose to take some pinhole shots on a wickedly bright day at the beach and was pleasantly surprised at the face-of-Jupiter-like results. Long exposures on this 50 iso roll gave my pictures a warm, pinkish glow that I’ve only seen replicated by cross-processing.

I first noticed this phenomenon while taking pinhole Diana shots at the bowling alley. Those exposures were for around 15 minutes in low light so the ‘Velvia Effect’ isn’t as dramatic in those shots as it is in the beach shots, but it’s still evident. Pretty cool, huh?


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