Quad Camera App Rules

As much as I’m devoted to my film cameras, I love messing around with my iPhone camera. It’s fun, always with me and is the next best thing to having a toy or vintage instrument to work with. I look at it as a bridge between the digital SLR world and the toy world (see my post New Year, New Camera ). I recently got a couple of new apps for my iPhone that I’ve been really enjoying. photo (3)

First is the CamTimer Lite. At $1.99 this app is handy for taking the always-entertaining self-portrait and offers 5 or 15 seconds of self-timing action. In addition, it allows you to tweak anti-shake sensitivity, autosave time and put a date or time on your picture. Pretty handy-dandy and brought to you by fellow word pressers NaughtyNuts.

Another helpful app is called Night Shots. It allows you to add a little fill light to pictures while you’re taking them or to shots you already have saved on your iPhone. There are 3 levels of brightness, low, medium and high. This app isn’t going to save a horribly underexposed shot and in my experience tends not to be terribly effective when the darkened subject is against a very light background, but for minor adjustments it’s fantastic! I took a photo of my daughter today and pumped it up first with the Night Shots app. It looks almost HDR!

zoe and old truck

Then I used Camera Bag, probably my most-used photographic app, and added the Helga effect. I really love the results and for 99 cents, it’s a bargain. Night Shot is from Cocoa Tek.

photo (4)

Last but certainly not least is the cooler than cool, funner than fun Quad Camera from Art & Mobile. I stumbled across this on a Flickr site dedicated to photo (9)iPhone pictures and noticed the Action-Sampler-esque images. They were really cool!! As the owner of an Action Sampler I was thrilled to find an equivalent in the world of iPhone. I own an Action Sampler and I do have a lot of fun with it but trying to use up a roll of 36 pictures can be tough. I’ve taken some fun shots of the sunset, an old truck and a stroll on the beach using this app. You can not only arrange your four shots in a square, you can also have these shots appear horizonally or go all out and use the 8-frame format in rectangular form or 8 shots in a horizontal line. One of the best features is the ability to pick the color type of the picture. Your choices are vivid, dull, grayscale, bright, hi-con and no effect. These basically mimic the lomographic looks of a Holga,  cross-processed film and over-blown lighting. By far the best bang for your buck for the toy camera lover at only $1.99.

I’ve had a great time playing with my fun, new apps and am thrilled that I spent less than $5!! Up next I’ll be trialing a close-up lens for the iPhone. A wqc shiny plastic rainbowhat? Yes people, a close-up lens for the iPhone. Stay tuned!

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