Shout Outs

Big shout out of thanks to Andrew at Fuzzy Eyeballs for giving me the opportunity to share some thoughts on foul weather photography and lo-fi photography. He contacted me a few weeks ago after seeing some of my photos on Flickr and asked to interview me about some of the shots I took in rainy, foggy weather last fall (see the Snow and Fog Pictures and Foggy Picture Practice was worth it!). It was fun to answer his questions and really got me to thinking how most of my favorite shots are from my experimental photo adventures. Most of the photos I ‘plan’ turn out nicely, some even great, but by far most of the works I really love come from seeing what will happen if I try something new. It really served to remind me that experimentation is the only way to get better and further reinforces me to embrace imperfection.

Big shout out #2 to Nic Nichols of Four Corners for his candid and spot-on thoughts about Photoshop and it’s place in photography. Nichols helped develop and taught for the University of DE’s digital imaging program. Not credentials you’d expect from an accomplished toy camera photographer. Check out his article, it’ll make you think and give you some encouragement. I’m also VERY thankful he reviewed the new Diana Mini, a camera I was seriously considering buying (with piggy points, but still). Again, another honest article from Nic reminds us of the old saying ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.’

Plastic Rules!

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