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Plastic Camera Van

Artscape is held each year in Baltimore and is one of the largest free arts festivals in the nation. If you’ve never gone you should ABSOLUTELY make the pilgrimage one year–it is well worth it! Not only are there fantastic works of art in all the traditional mediums, there are also great ‘unconventional’ works of art. This year I saw tons of items made from recycled goods; bottle-cap necklaces (of which my daughters fell in love with), t-shirts made from other t-shirts, watch bands and bracelets made from old belts (got one and I love it!), broken tile jewelry and so much more.

My favorite thing to see every year is the art cars. Fantastically decorated by insanely talented individuals, these art cars really are moblie masterpieces. This year featured the ‘Handy Van’, a beach car, Yellow Submarine car, Music car, a van with metal things attached and, my personal favorite, a van covered entirely in PLASTIC CAMERAS!

It was UNREAL! Covering this old van were Polaroids, Brownies, a Diana clone and even a Hassy! On the driver’s side was an enourmous circular lens-looking object made of lenses that had been removed from various cameras. The passenger’s side included three monitors which may or may not be fuctional. They weren’t on for this exhibit.

Everyone there must have thought I had lost my mind because I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of this crazy thing. I specifically brought my Holga loaded with Ilford and my Vivitar UWS filled with none other than Fuji Velvia that I planned to cross-process. I couldn’t find the owner of this magnificent vehicle but when I do, oh boy look out!

Here are a couple of my black and white shots. Check out my Flickr site for the Vivitar UWS cross-processed pictures. Plastic Rules!!


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