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Gone to the Dark Side?

Alright. So I finally broke down and got that digital SLR I’ve been lusting after for a good two years. Well, not exactly the same one. This one is a refubished Nikon D40 that, in a former life, served as a factory demo. ┬áIt’s fancy alright and in great condition too; way too many buttons and knobs compared to my toys, but I digress.

I was pretty excited to play with it and I haven’t been disappointed so far. It really is a nice camera. No shutter lag, beautiful pictures–except for a little fuzziness in the corners but I’m used to that. The more I played with it the more I wondered–have I gone over to the dark side? I’ve gotten some fantastic shots from this camera but have had to tweak some of them in Lightroom to make them true standouts. I felt very dirty after I did this the first time. Almost like I was trying to sneak candy out of the 7-11 beneath my jacket. But the results were undeniable. The pictures were better after the tweaking. After a few sessions of deep thought I came to peace with my new toy.

While my digital camera will be the go-to consistent camera in my bag of tricks, I still love my toys and get the results I want–no tweaking required–when I use them. I gave my husband and Dad a great photo of my kids for Father’s Day and guess which camera I used to take it? My Holga. I have a vibrant set of prints hanging on my living room wall of some fall foliage taken on Fuji Velvia run through my Lubitel. When you really break it down, I just don’t enjoy sitting in front of my computer editing endless frame after frame of digital shots. I’m super excited to have the technology but my true love will always be film and cheap cameras. I guess you have to stray sometimes to find out where your heart truly lies.


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