Ilford Pan F+ iso 50: such contrast!

Normally, I’d stay away from film reviews. All the technical chemistry information puts me to sleep faster than a live-feed of  C-Span however, I recently used some WONDERFUL film and had to share my results.

It was a very bright day, not a cloud in the sky. I decided to take my kids to “The Great Dune” a very deserty-looking place at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware.  I had some low-speed film that I had yet to use.  Since I don’t use flash…well… ever, I use faster film but given the conditions I figured iso50 would work.

I loaded the Ilford Pan F+ iso-50 into my Olympus XA2 and off we went. The images I got were stunning. First off, the contrast is amazing! I developed them myself in Ilfosol 3 for the recommended time and got excellent results. There’s also very little grain in this film. I blew some of these shots waaaay out when I was editing them and was really surprised by the smoothness. This is one roll of film I will be buying in bulk from now on. Go Ilford!

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