Me at the MoMA!

This is what happens when you get busy. I entered a rumble, or competition, on Lomography Society International’s homepage back in December and didn’t think anything of it. The theme was “NYC in Winter Around the World” and was aimed at getting shots that were reminiscent of NYC in winter but not taken in the city itself. Stuff like taxis, skyscrapers, firefighters, etc. were suggested themes. Being that my husband is a firefighter, I entered some shots I took with my Lubitel of his station and, lo and behold, I actually won! I never win contests so I was shocked to find this out and, in typical fashion for me, I didn’t even figure it out until TODAY. The prize, you ask? The winners are having their shots featured on lomowalls around NYC sponsored by MoMA! Fantastic! I don’t know many details about it yet and I’m trying to get them because I plan on going to NYC next month. I’ll keep you posted, meanwhile, here are my submissions. Not sure which ones will be featured but, enjoy!

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One response to “Me at the MoMA!

  • Bryce Cooley


    Hello! My name is Bryce I was looking through some of the lomography photos on google image search and I came across your photo of the front end of a truck. We are releasing our latest EP next month and were thinking of possibly using one of your photos but I didn’t want to be a theif so I thought I would ask. Can we use this picture or any of the other ones? We would site you in the CD sleeve. If not I understand but we are broke and we could use any of the free stuff we can take.

    Thanks for reading!

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