Photography in the Snow

Last week I told you about my experiences in the fog. It was very educational taking my toy cameras out in the foul weather and trying to make decent pictures  so this week, when we got a rare snowstorm, I decided to try another foul weather photography session.

This time I brought my Polaroid Land Camera 220 and my Fed 2 out to play. I still used black and white film in both cameras (the Fed 2 still had the roll from the previous foggy weather session) as it’s a very pleasing medium for rough weather and uncertain exposure times.  Plus,  it’s hard enough getting the blacks and whites right let alone trying to get the colors in balance.

There were large, wet snowflakes coming down at a pretty good clip when I took my toys out to play. My Land Cam has no numerical controls for the aperture, instead there is a switch that lets you change the Lightness and Darkness of the picture to varying degrees. You can set the film speed on the Land Cam but they are odd film speeds that must’ve been common back in the 1960’s. The closest corresponding number was 75 (my Fuji film was 100 iso). I sort of liked the idea of the nebulous “lighter” and “darker” switches but in actual practice, it was a pain. Again I was plagued with balancing the very light snowy areas with the dark colors of evergreen foliage, bare tree branches and the dark wood on the side of my house.

I started my experiment in the usual way taking the first shot with the light/dark switch right in the middle. As you can imagine it was horribly dark, although not nearly as bad looking as my Holgaroid shots.


I fiddled with the switch for a few shots and eventually got some nicely exposed photographs of my snowy backyard.


Still a bit dark, but better. Details of the birdhouse are visible, but no snowflakes.


I tried to shoot the falling snow against the dark background of this dark evergreen but still had no success.

The one thing I wanted to capture but wasn’t able to was the image of the snow falling. I just couldn’t get the large snowflakes to show up in the picture. It was a bit frustrating and I suppose, has to do with the limits of the camera.


Not wanting to waste anymore film I decided to stop trying to capture the falling snow and concentrate on shapes, like this bare tree.


The icy droplets on these wisteria branches were also a decent subject


Last Polaroid shot of the day was the white snow on the dark wood of my back porch door.

I’m hoping to have better results with the Fed 2 film as I used my light meter to get the correct exposure time, then bracketed a few shots. I finally finished that roll on this snowy day so as soon as I pull them from the developer I’ll post my results.

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