More Land Camera Mods

Now that the turkey has been eaten and the pumpkin pie put away, it’s time to get back to some camera talk.

Awhile back I posted some mods for my Polaroid Land Camera 220 so that it would accept Fuji instant film without getting stuck. I finally shot the last few pictures in that pack and was able to unload it and take pictures of what I actually did. Unfortunately I’m still running into problems with the Fuji film but more about that in a minute.gunky-rollers

When you open up the back of your camera you’ll see this. That little metal bar, visible right below the roller towards the top of the camera, is the root of the Fuji film problem. In my camera that little bar was kind of bent down causing the film to jam up when I tried to pull it out. At first I tried bending the two prongs back. It didn’t work. Then I tried to bend to bar back into shape. That didn’t work either. If the camera was going to function properly the bar was going to need to be completely removed. I removed the two small screws, visible to the right of my thumb, and the screw in the top middle of the black plate which you can see is slightly recessed below the roller.  Here are a couple of shots of the bar.


Once that metal bar was removed I throughly cleaned the rollers, which were all gunked up with glue from the film. I used rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip and scrubbed until they gleamed.  I thought my problems were over so I loaded up another pack of film and went searching for suitable subjects around town.  All was going well until the 5th or 6th picture then things started jamming up again. I wasted the last half of the pack trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

I discovered that my rollers were, again, totally clogged with glue residue. Look closely at the sides of the rollers in the first picture and you’ll get an idea of what happenend. There were even little bits of the paper tabs stuck in the glue. Now I’m baffled. I don’t know how to fix this problem. I clean the rollers after each and every pack of film and it doesn’t make much difference. If anyone has a suitable solution by all means, post it please!! I’m going to go surf the net now to see if I can find some answers. Until then, here are some of the good shots I got with my crazy Land Camera.




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