World Toy Camera Day 2008

wtcd-08At long last I have gotten all my pictures from World Toy Camera Day (WTCD) developed. You’re probably asking what and when is WTCD? Let me explain.

It seems like everything under the sun has a day devoted to it. For instance, just in November there is Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day, Chaos Never Dies Day, False Confession Day, Button Day and Gunpowder Day. Think I’m kidding? Check out this link for bizzare and unique holidays.

Anyways, a very creative spirit by the name of Becky Ramotowski took her idea from World Pinhole Camera Day and decided those of us that play with toy cameras should celebrate the lo-fi-ness of it all and take pictures exclusively with Brownie, Holga, Diana, Polaroid, etc. on one day in October each year. The madness started in 2002 and has spawned lively discussions and critiques as well as a few great Flickr groups (World Toy Camera Day, Toy Camera Day 2008).

This year is the first time I’ve participated in WTCD and I was in a great location to take some very interesting pictures. Friends of mine held their 5th Annual Lawn Tractor Races on October 18, 2008 and I was giddy that I was able to get off work and document the day with my Holga and Diana F+. The Lawn Tractor Races, as Mike puts it “is the world’s biggest drinking game”. You bring your riding lawn mower and wear a costume. In teams of 2 you must chug a beer (or non-alcoholic carbonated beverage of your choice), jump on the tractor and do a lap around the course then a pit stop. Your partner then chugs a beer and jumps on to do a lap around the course. This goes on for 7 laps until a winner is crowned. Pre-race handicapping occurs as Mike takes each tractor for a spin and determines how fast it is, letting those who have the slowest vehicles start first. This year, the Gangstas won, but were disqualified when it was discovered they added a super-fast high speed gear to their tractor that they didn’t activate until after handicapping. I swear they were doing 35mph around the course! So, the prize went to the Rednecks. It was WAY too much fun and I can only hope the race will be held again on WTCD in 2009.

To see some pictures from toy camera photographers around the world, check out the two Flickr groups whose links are posted above. Until then, I’ll be counting the days until 2009’s celebration.

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