WordPress has a cool new feature that allows you to create polls. I love polls. I’m a sucker for filling them out when someone sends them to me on myspace so I’ve decided to periodically add a few to the blog. Give me your answers and I’ll post them in future posts! Yippie!


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3 responses to “Polls!!

  • dotism

    I admit to a fondness to the odd poll as well… but usually I don’t find myself having to debate myself before voting…

    “Go with Holga, no, enter the Lubitel, I know it’s my favorite… but the HOLGA! Honestly, though: don’t I have more fun with the Lubitel? Perhaps, but what camera is dangling from my wrist whenever I’m not at home or at work? True… but, those Lubitely pictures! Well, what is your true aesthetic: crispy, focussed, setting up, standing around, finding a line so that the picture isn’t all crooked, perfectionist nonsense? Or is it not even looking through the viewfinder and pointing cameras in general directions in the hopes of getting dreamy, blurry, ethereal, momentary glimpses at worlds you’re not sure you’re even a part of? Yep, it’s a HOLGA!’

  • Gary M

    How about all of the above 🙂

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