Diana f+ maiden voyage

A spankin’-new bottle of Ilfosol 3 developer has finally arrived at my house and I’m pleased to be able to share the results. I got a Diana F+ a few weeks ago and took it for a spin on World Toy Camera Day then again this weekend at the Seawitch Festival in Rehoboth Beach, DE. I really love shooting with the Diana! So light and easy. Nice neckstrap, good lock on the bottom of the camera to keep the back firmly attached (unlike my lovely Holga) plus I got the Wide Angle and Close-Up lens package with my camera.

It was so very convienient and easy to use the Diana. I was able to do lots of ‘covert’ shooting by wearing my camera around my neck and looking the other way while snapping the shot that was right in front of me.

The Diana’s images are soft, fuzzy and dreamy. When I sit Holga and Diana images side by side the Holga shots look positively crisp compared to the Diana F+. It’s a great camera to use when you want your images to have that fantastical quality.

I haven’t developed any rolls yet using the close-up lens. Those images are still away at the lab. I plan on taking a few rolls using the close-up lens as one of the main reasons I purchased the Diana F+ was it’s ability to convert to a pinhole cam plus the lenses available to use.  A word about switching lenses. My original lens was extremely hard to get off. It wasn’t just as easy as twisting it like the directions suggested. I have a feeling the tabs that hold the lenses on may break off prematurely but it’s still a really nice feature to have in a toy camera.

Can’t wait to play with the Diana F+ more!

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