Jungle Jim’s Waterpark

Travel down Route 1 south in Delaware and you’ll see lots of crazy stuff: the UFO building at Eagle’s Nest Airport, a tractor museum, an enourmous propellor in front of a restaurtant (which I hope to photograph in the future), 30ft. plastic neon-colored palm trees strung with blinky lights. None is as crazy, or inviting on a summer day, than Jungle Jim’s .
Situated in Rehoboth Beach, Jungle Jim’s is not just a waterpark. There’s also mini-golf, a batting cage, bumper boats and a go-kart track. It’s a great place to lose money and your mind.

Usually crowded to the max on summer days, I’m lucky enough to work at a place that holds it’s annual picnic at the park right after Labor Day. It’s perfect and this year was no exception. It was hot as hell and humid like nobody’s business. Four large waterslides offer the perfect way to start off your day. Get on a raft and ride the largest slide which shoots you uphill with a giant burst of water. Three of these slides are enclosed completely, adding to that horrific feeling of claustrophobia and not knowing what lies next around the turn.

When you’ve had enough of the slides, or you’ve lost your voice from screaming, head on over to the lazy river. Plop yourself in a tube and ride the current around the park. Look out for the waterfalls and the wave pool!

You may be hungry at about this point in your day. Head on over to the Cafe, located next to the restrooms and lockers. There you can get any number of fried or sugar-laden foods to satisfy your hungry tummy. Just look for the large plastic animals enjoying hot dogs and sodas.

Going to the Jungle with small children? No worries. There in the center island is a shallow pool with crazy squirting fountains, palm trees with coconuts that dump water on your head, a large pirate ship complete with water-guns, slides and cargo net and around the periphery of this shallow pool, a number of soft, small slides fit for the littlest visitor.

Feeling really fit? Try crossing the rope bridge with your hands. Below you are floating objects to give you a little help but without the proper upper body strenght, you’ll end up in the drink!

A fun-filled day for the whole family, Jungle Jim’s is a great alternative to the beach on those days when you just don’t want to clean sand from between your toes yet again. You can easily spend the entire day at the park and it’s a good thing since the price of admission is not cheap. Next time you’re travelling south on Route 1 and the kids are driving you crazy in the backseat, pull over at Jungle Jim’s and let them get their ya-yas out. Your wallet will be a little lighter but then again, a solid night of sleep is pretty much priceless.

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