Land Camera – not as easy as you’d think

I almost threw my ‘new’ Land Camera out the window today.

I finally got the batteries to work the shutter and after properly installing them, I promptly filled my camera’s hungry little belly with Fuji-100 instant film. I took a shot of three pumpkins in my backyard and went to pull the picture out of the side. No dice. It was stuck. Big Time! I pulled and pulled and pulled and only succeded in ripping tiny shreds of white paper from the tag of the film. I got tweezers, pliers (both flat and needle-nosed) and tried to extricate my film that way but only succeded in ripping the paper even more. I took it into a dark closet (even though we’ve only known each other a few days) and tried to re-load the film tags. What a nightmare! To spare you any further details I ended up with a big, goopy mess and wasted 75% of my film pack trying to free the pictures the correct way. I must’ve taken 10 pictures of those stupid pumpkins. It was time to consult the internet.

Thanks to Flickr I found a Polaroid Land Camera group that had a big thread relating to such problems. It took a bit of searching and of course now I can’t find my way back to that glorious thread, but here’s the basic problem. It seems as though there are two little pins near the rollers that cause undue tension on Fuji film. It was recommended that you either bend back these pins or break them off and pop a piece of weather stripping in it’s place. After a little surgery my film was still sticking. I did some further modification on my own by completely removing the bar that holds these two pins. This bar was bent up and was putting more tension on the film than just those two stupid little pins ever could have. After throughly cleaning the rollers and checking the battery connections I was FINALLLY able to get my Land Camera working! I’ll post pictures of my modification and a direct link to the ever-so-helpful mod directions in a later blog. Until then….


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