Macro Lubitel

So, I’m really excited because my macro Lubitel experiment seemed to work really well!

I was thinking the other day that there’s got to be an easier way than just guessing the distance, like you do with macro Holga. I thought, if I set the focus to infinity and then put the diopter up to the viewing lens I should be able to move in & out on my subject until I find a spot that is in focus. After finding the spot of focus comes the tricky part: moving the camera a few inches up to get the picture-taking lens on the subject while simultaneously holding the diopter up to that same lens.

I loaded up my freshly-calibrated Lubitel (more on the calibration in another post) with slide film and headed to the playground with Elias. Then it was off to the Rehoboth Block Party on September 23 with some Rollei 100 film. I developed those last night and much to my surprise, macro Lubitel took hold! This is a shot of a bottle that my friends Amy and Barbara make and sell. They etch the glass then insert a string of holiday lights inside. They’re beautiful.

I’ve found that there is very little room for error when using the +10 diopter. I’ll do some experimenting with my +3 diopter and see if there’s a little more play in the focusing spot, which would come in handy when taking pictures in an unpredictable environment, like outside at this street party. By the way, I had quite a few people ask me about my Lubitel. It’s so fun to explain to people that it is indeed a real camera and takes wonderful pictures.

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3 responses to “Macro Lubitel

  • C

    I just bought a lubitel macro +4 filter. I can’t figure out how to focus it. Any tips? 🙂

    • ipdegirl

      It’s a little tricky and sometimes requires a third hand, but here goes. Put the macro filter over the top lens (your focusing lens) and set it to infinity. While looking through the viewfinder, move the camera towards and away from your subject until it comes into focus. With a +4 you won’t be right up on the subject, maybe within 6 or so inches (?). Once the focus is where you want it, lift the camera a few inches so that your bottom lens (picture taking lens) is now in place to take the shot. Also, move the macro diopter to the bottom lens. Then, hold your breath, pray to the Lubitel gods and take your shot. Good luck! I’m going to do a post in the next few days on figuring out the focal length of lenses with a diopter in place so check back. 🙂

  • C

    Thanks so much for your help! 🙂 I’ll try that out.

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