Hey There

So, here’s my blog. I’m Jenni, a semi-professional but mostly-amateur photographer who loves analogue or lo-fidelity photography. My favorite camera-of-the-moment is my Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim and I develop my own black and white film. If you too enjoy creating art from film and crazy cameras then check back, leave me comments and pictures and share your ideas so we can spread the love that is only created in a lo-fi way.

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6 responses to “Hey There

  • Enjoyer of the Journey

    Welcome!! I look forward to seeing your work!!

  • ipdegirl

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope to get more of my work up soon!

  • bentcrude

    looks like this could be a damn good blog – check on flickr, you can make a badge and add it here – and upload pics here or link from flickr

  • ipdegirl

    I love that your avatar is the Unknown Comic!! I dressed up as him one Halloween and nobody knew who I was supposed to be. Thanks for the advice and for checking out my blog..

  • Mercedes

    I’ve been checking out your blog and i love everything you’ve been writing about! I have never been a photographer, but recently in an antique shop i found a bin of old photos, and decided I wanted to start. do you have any suggestions of cameras? i was looking at a diana but i honestly have no idea!

    • ipdegirl

      Honestly, the simpler the better. Diana or Holga are both great cameras to start off with. You just point and shoot, making sure you’re not too close to the subject. You’ll learn a lot about composition and framing if you don’t have to worry about all the ‘bells and whistles’. Antique cameras are wonderful, too, but if there are too many things going on (like on an Argus Brick) it can be a little much. Brownies are fun, too. A simple and wonderful antique camera that can be found pretty easily. You’ll have to let me know which camera you decide to get and how you like it. Good luck!

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